Cook-stove offers economical and versatile cooking.


Traditional cooking method with heavy pots, a few rocks and an open charcoal fire.

The Southern Africa cookstove project is truly unique creating multiple benefits for all stakeholders including the environment and empowering women, children and families in a tangible, relevant and sustainable way.

The use of charcoal for cooking by urban households is largly responsible for the increase in deforestation in Africa.

Charcoal is widely used due to the ease in which it can be stored and transported over large distances.

Approximately 10 tonnes of CO2 are emitted per family in Southern Africa annually, as a result of cooking with charcoal.

The present ongoing non-sustainable logging for the production of charcoal is leading to deforestation at an alarming rate.

This project offers a solution and a way out of this situation from which most Southern African countries suffer.

The highly efficient and durable cook system provided to these families, presents a way in which they can cook using previously ignored small brittle sticks, replacing their charcoal use with an easy to obtain, renewable resource.

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